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WellHome Janitorial is proud to offer excellent janitorial services for both commercial and residential properties in greater Los Angeles areas. Whether you are a business owner, a board member of HOA or an apartment resident, we possess all necessary skills to ensure your place is kept clean at a minimal cost.

Our Staff

At WellHome Janitorial we have a team of highly trained and qualified individuals who are dedicated to their job - ensuring that your space is well worth working or living in. Our staff identifies and values your needs, and that is why they will do everything to ensure our clients are happy. All of our janitors are screened and background checked, as well as trustworthy and diligent - our client's trust and safety are our main priorities. We also provide our staff with the latest tools of the trade to guarantee the best quality service around.

Our Goals

We value the input of our clients and strive to put all our efforts into ensuring you get the fulfilment of joy! We boast competitive prices and excellent service provided with consistency and diligence so your specific needs are met. Save with WellHome, book your next cleaning with us using the form below.


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